A slowfashion brand made in the Mediterranean that was born to offer you high quality products and above all made from natural materials. We believe in a wardrobe with few very combinable garments that allow you to look great in your day to day, comfortable and stylish.

Made in the Med

Cottyfish is a way of breathing in the Mediterranean, of having a long after-dinner meal at the beach bar and of enjoying siestas, of feeling the sun coming through the window and of sunset walks feeling the sand on your feet.

slow fashion

We have a philosophy, SOFT LIVING, using few but quality, comfortable and versatile garments. Our philosophy is a calm lifestyle that is transmitted in our sober and simple garments but always with a fresh and cool touch.

Care for the planet

And a mission, to take care of our planet by doing everything in our power to achieve it, which is why we try to make our collections with organic cotton or natural fibers, although it is not always possible. We are aware that being 100% sustainable is a chimera, but we work on it to improve day by day and be able to offer you more environmentally friendly textiles.

short productions

At Cottyfish we know that fashion is one of the most polluting industries, which is why we do not make large print runs to avoid stocks and thus waste fabrics, seeking sustainability.


Our workshops are family-run and are located in the Mediterranean, close to us, which gives us control over the entire process, making sure that we take care of the working conditions of all the people involved in it. At the same time we create ties and alliances with small local businesses, supporting each other.

For ever and ever

Our garments are timeless and of high quality. Use them over and over again, this season, next season and 4 years from now! Because they are wardrobe essentials.